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Hi! Olivier, The Netherlands here!

A few years ago I realised I had a LOT of pictures / documents / stuff from work, all archived somewhere. It was obvious that it needed some proper sorting.

I decided to make my own program that would be both easy to use and reliable.
So I programmed myself some Java and noticed that it really helped! Instead of having to go through each folder manually, wrecking my brain trying to organise all of these documents , I could just press a button without the risk of skipping any folder, misplacing files or making cut and paste errors. And best of all, without spending days and days behind the screen doing all this manual sorting.

After having experienced the magic of the program I decided the whole world should sort it's digital archives this easily! To facilitate this I started MyFile App Development in 2013.

I hope you like the tool. As long as you remember that DDS does not replace your real archive in any way, I'm pretty sure you will love it!

Olivier Huizer, MyFile App Development, The Netherlands, KVK registration number 57908966