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File management - the quick way

Just try it. Take for example your 'Downloads'-folder. Chances are you
will find some hidden ‘treasures’ when you have that directory sorted properly.

Document management software

Perfect Filing Software

Did you know that .mts-files are movie files? Digital Dump Sorter™ does! DDS has got knowledge of thousands of files. The program sorts it all out for you. If it encounters an .mts file it creates a folder 'Movies' and puts it in there! It is that simple!


Easy To Use

Step 1: Select the directory you want a sorted copy of
Step 2: Choose a location for the result
Step 3: hit START



There is no spyware or any other nasty stuff. None of your files is viewed, recorded or stored anywhere. Microsoft has checked the code and approved it.

it's magic

File management 2.0!

Step 1. Find yourself a messed up folder
Step 2. Decide where to save the result
Step 3. Press START and watch the magic
Now with just a blink of an eye you understand what the original folder contains! You can grab the files you're interested in!
The original folder is untouched, not looked at, and still there. File management has never been more fun!



There is an option to sort pictures by date of last modified. Especially handy if you have a lot of home-made pictures
You can choose to add a counter to the folder created. This way a glance is enough to see what your archive actually contains